Affiliate FAQ

What types of affiliation are there?

We have different levels of affiliation

  • Choto dojo
  • Full affiliation

A Choto dojo is geared towards smaller businesses and traditional martial arts programs looking to add a kickboxing program to their gym. Choto dojos are more like a trial run and do not carry Bang Muay Thai rank.

A Full affiliate follows the ranking structure of Bang Muay Thai (see below) and gets an additional curriculum for more advanced students.

What is the difference between Ninja Academy and Affiliate content?
The ninja academy is designed as go at your own pace self-learning platform, while the affiliate content follows a structured curriculum that allows you to create multiple classes per week across your varying levels of students - beginner to advanced. In addition, Sensei Ludwig creates content in the library that is exclusive to affiliates. 

These videos range across multiple topics:

  • Fight breakdowns
  • Marketing / Running your dojo
  • Advanced techniques
  • etc...

Is the Ninja Academy membership included with affiliation?
Yes, along with the curriculum for you to teach your students, you'll receive unlimited access to all of the Ninja Academy, the Library and Seminar content.

What does it cost to be an affiliate?
We don't cover this until you've been approved for consideration as an affiliate. But there is a different price depending on your level of affiliation (choto or full affiliate).

I am a coach with years of experience, do I have to be a white belt too?
With Bang Muay Thai, is structured like a traditional martial arts program where there are multiple components required for someone to achieve rank. The components are:

  • time in the system
  • the ability to perform the material
  • to hold for the material
  • and to teach the material

Since you have experience and are a coach in the system, you do have an opportunity to jump rank AFTER you've spent some time studying the material. However, this evaluation must be done in person here at the HQ or at a seminar with Sensei Ludwig.

What are the ranks in Bang Muay Thai?

The ranking system in Bang Muay Thai is as follows:

  • white
  • yellow
  • orange
  • blue
  • purple
  • brown
  • black

For adults.

What are the next steps to becoming an affiliate? Please visit How do I become an affiliate? for more information.